Wedding Tips

Know Who You Are Hiring
Are you hiring a booking agent, or a DJ Company? With an agent, you will probably never even meet or talk to your DJ before your event. This can lead to a very disappointing “Big Day” for you and your guests. At On Your Feet Production whenever you call us you will talk to an actual Events Coordinator. We are in the service business, and we believe in helping you in any way, at any time, no matter what! On Your Feet Production is one of the most respected and well known companies in the mobile disc jockey business. Most people plan an event a year ahead of time. Make sure the company you hire will be around next year.

Stage Appearance Is Important
From DJ attire to equipment, our professional stage appearance is enviable. You will never see cords, milk crates or mismatched components thrown into cardboard boxes at a On Your Feet Production show!

Ask for References
How many names of satisfied customers can the company give you? We have the names of thousands of pleased On Your Feet Production’ customers who state we are your best bet for the perfect event. Over 90% of our yearly business is from referrals, repeat customers and word-of-mouth! We are more than happy to provide references at your request.

What About Price
Most DJ’s fees are negotiable depending on the date you are requesting. We have prime seasons, just like hotels and airlines. Wedding months and Christmas time are our peak seasons and during our “off season” you can expect to save some money!

Be Careful
Beware of unprofessional sales pitches including unbelievable claims of enormous music libraries, unfounded criticism of competition, suspiciously low price or lack of interest in your requests and concerns. On Your Feet Production take our business very seriously. We want your event to be perfect and we are diligent in making every show the “best”. Remember you can sort hype from fact by asking for references.