Hiring a Disc Jockey on a budget

With the economy of today, everything we do is on a budget. But that is not going to stop us from having a good time. We are still going to have parties and celebrations. And we are still going to plan our wedding the way we want it to be planned.  The question is, can we still hire a professional Disc Jockey for our event or should we just stick with an iPod? In order to make an informed decision, we must weigh the options.

In order to use an iPod effectively for entertainment for any function you must ensure that it is the best available. You would hate to be in the middle of your party and have your iPod freeze up or have it scramble at the last minute. You would have to spend hours listening to music to decide which songs you want to play and in what order. If it is a wedding, you would have to decide what song to play during the first dance, while you cut the cake, for background during a toast, etc. You will also be responsible for the purchase and download of each and every song, and to preview each one prior to the party. We have all purchased a download to a song that ended up being by a cover artist and not as good as the one we wanted, or an incomplete version, or have the file be corrupt and not download properly.  In order to use an iPod, you will have to essentially be your own DJ, and that comes with all of the preliminary headache work of preparation.

Using an iPod for a party also means that you will have to either hire someone, which will drive up the budget, or convince someone to control the iPod, stopping it when it is necessary to address the crowd, and shuffling the playlist when the energy tends to be low. Keep in mind that if you convince your best friend or brother or whomever, that you will also get what you pay for. They may not have the same interests as you when it comes to keeping the energy level up during the course of the evening.


Another consideration when deciding to use your own iPod is that you will also need a speaker system that will give the sound quality you are looking for in a successful party and a lighting system to back it up. Most people do not have professional quality speakers or lighting lying around their house. Purchasing or renting this equipment will also run your budget up and should be considered.


To make it simple, hiring a professional DJ gives you the music/equipment bundle. It not only gives your budget a contractual dollar amount to work with and not have surprises, it comes with the assurance that your DJ knows what they are doing. It gives you peace of mind that your party will be handled with professional courtesy and experience of how to keep it lively. These music moguls know how to change the mood, how to handle the equipment without fail and how to please the multi-aged crowd. Plus, they can double as an MC when necessary.


On Your Feet Productions is a professional DJ service. We provide top quality music for every event. Using the best lighting and sound equipment, we will make your event come alive! Give us a call and we offer a free consultation with your event planner for customization and tips to make your party or event a success.



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