About On Your Feet Production

Owners: Jimmy and Andrea Jackson

jimmy-jacksonWith an almost limitless song list to choose from, we pride ourselves in providing a relaxing, fun atmosphere for any occasion. With over 40 years involvement in sound and concerts, Jimmy has experience to assure you that your event will be a wonderful time together. He began his musical experience in high school, playing in his high school band. From that, he branched out to include running sound for some small local bands. Then it was off to college in Miami and there he decided to make some tuition money by doing something he loved to do…. concert sound. Being fortunate to have made some friends in the sound reinforcement business, he acquired a summer job touring with Hanley Sound for two summers and Showco Sound for an additional two. That experience let him become FOH (front of house) sound engineer for several top name groups. A few being; Sly and the Family Stone… Mother’s Finest…Meatloaf and Tina Turner. Even today, after all those years he gets requests to run sound for local bands.
Presently, at OYF Productions, we have been fortunate enough to have partnered with BassBoss, from Austin Texas, to provide us with some of the finest sound equipment found anywhere. Also added is a state of the art lighting system, including lasers fog and scanners if requested. We tailor our work to your needs. We believe in being on time and within your budget. In other words, we will deliver on our promises. Jimmy can serve as DJ only or DJ/MC. Our sole intent is to provide what YOU want. We can provide direction if needed. But remember… this is your event. And we are here to help you.

Thanks for your interest in ON YOUR FEET PRODUCTION

Short List of equipment:

• 2 BassBoss SSP 118 powered subwoofers
• 2 BassBoss DV8 powered mains
• 1 Peavey DJ mixer
• 2 American DJ Dekker LED lights
• 1 American DJ Revo 4 LED lights
• 1 Chauvet Laser
• 3 Strobes
• 2 Chauvet fog machines
• 2 American DJ scanners
• and MUCH more….

In other words… a guaranteed good time for all!!!

Seriously Kicking Sound!
Bass Boss